Stretch Bracelet 101

For about 10 years, a good 99% of my crafting was devoted to jewelry making.  I’ve always loved jewelry, and was constantly making things.  I even opened up an Etsy shop for a while.  But, over time, I got a little burned out with it and haven’t made much lately.  I started exploring other things like knitting and crochet, and realized there was more to life than jewelry.  Like scarves.

Anyway, these days when I do make jewelry I tend to make quick, simple pieces, like stretch bracelets.  Stretch bracelets are great–they’re simple, they’re quick, and you can stack a bunch of them for a great look.  Here’s how to do it.

First, my supplies:


I grabbed some beads, spacers (not necessary, but I liked how they looked), stretch cord, scissors, and clear nail polish.  There are many different kinds of stretch cord out there–just eyeball it to make sure it’s not too thick for the beads you plan to use.  The nail polish is to dab on the knot, but you could also use beading glue.

I like to string the beads on the cord while it’s still on the roll so that I don’t wind up wasting any.


You’ll notice a bead reamer in this picture.  The holes in my beads needed to be opened up just a little to accommodate the cord.  A bead reamer works perfectly.

Once, the beads are strung, simply tie a surgeon’s knot and dab a bit of nail polish or glue on it.  Once dry, trim the ends and you’re all set!

Picture_20160816_110314186 edited


You’ve probably noticed a few tiny holes and little white hairs on my bead mat.  My cat, Elsa, is quite crafty herself, and loves to “help” make jewelry!


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