Knitted Infinity Scarf

I’m quite new to knitting.  I started trying to learn last fall, mainly because I thought it would be a great way to feed my scarf addiction.  I’m one of those women who would be very content to wear solid colors every day, since in my world accessories make the outfit.  I managed to learn the knit stitch and purl stitch, but so far that’s about as far as I’ve gotten!  I made a couple of scarves, but this is the one I liked most.

Blue and gray scarf 1.jpg

This is modeled by my beautiful daughter, Katie, who didn’t want her face shown because she had just come from cross country practice.

I made this scarf using size 4  yarn that transitioned from blue to gray to white.  To add a little more bulk, I used two skeins at the same time.  I used very large knitting needles, which I admit were bulky to work with, but well worth the effort.

Knitting needles edited.jpg

I knit the entire scarf using the knit stitch, and joined the ends together once I reached my desired length to make an infinity circle.

There are a lot of thing I like about this scarf, but my favorite is the way it fits.  It’s the perfect length to wear doubled–unlike some of my other efforts!

Blue and gray scarf 2

At some point I hope to learn more about knitting, but for now the two stitches I do know work well enough to supplement my (rather large) scarf supply.  After all, a girl can never have too many scarves.  You can outgrow clothes, but accessories fit forever.


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