Wood Slice Pumpkin

I saw this cute pumpkin on Pinterest, made from a wood slice, and thought I’d give it a try.  I absolutely love fall, and some would say I go overboard with decorating, or that my house winds up looking a bit gaudy.  Those people would be wrong, of course 🙂 .  While the calendar says it’s not officially fall until September 22, in my little world, fall starts the day after Labor Day (the first Monday in September, in the U.S.).
I started with a few basic supplies:  a medium sized wood slice that I picked up at Hobby Lobby (I’m sure most craft supply stores carry these), orange paint (I used Harvest Orange), craft leaves, jute, and a small piece of scrap wood that I painted a mixture of brown and black (for the stem).
I painted the wood orange, then used hot glue to affix the stem to the back.  I wrapped jute around the stem, hot glued it here and there to resemble a vine, and added a few leaves for decoration.
This probably didn’t take more than half an hour to complete–especially since I used my hair dryer to speed along the paint drying process.
I plan to pull out all my fall decorations on Friday.  It’s a big job, but it’s worth it for the warm, cozy feel it brings to my house.  Now, if we could just ditch this hot and humid weather for some cooler temps it would be perfect!



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