Beaded Bangles & Football

Today is the day for one of the most anticipated football games in Southwest Virginia/Northeast Tennessee history.  It’s the Battle at Bristol.  The University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech will square off at Bristol Motor Speedway, which has been converted to a football stadium for the occasion.  I’m not kidding when I say people have been talking about this game for years.  It’s going to be crazy and I’ll be right there in the middle of it (well, okay, I’ll be there, but I’ll be in the nosebleed section).

Travis and I will be pulling for Tennessee, and naturally I had to have a little bling to go with my Tennessee Orange.  I decided to make a few sparkly beaded bangles.   These are easy to make, and work up quickly.  I apologize in advance for a couple of blurry pictures.  My cat, Elsa, decided to help.  If you’ve ever beaded with a cat, you know what I mean.  If not, that’s a post for another day.

I started with the following materials:  20 gauge wire, some beads, wire cutters, and flat nose pliers.


First, I cut about 5 coils of wire off and adjusted them to fit my wrist.  You want them to be able to slide over the widest part of your hand snugly.  This is probably the trickiest part because you’re having to adjust the wire coils and wire can have a mind of its own.  Once you get the size right, wrap the short end of the wire around the bundle of coils 3-5 times to hold them in place.


Next, add your bead to the long end of wire, sliding it to the wire wrap you just made.  Wrap the wire around the wire coils a couple of times, then wrap the wire around the base of the beads 5 or so times.  Wrap the wire around the coils a couple more times, trim, and use the pliers to tuck in any sharp ends.



At this point, Hannah walked in and liked the bracelet with only one bead.  She wanted me to make her one, so even though she will be rooting for Tech today she’s still my daughter and I still love her, so I made her one.  Plus, it’s pretty great when you make something your teenage daughter likes.  Makes you feel a little bit cool for a while!

I made myself a couple more bracelets with one bead, then made one with 4 beads.



To make the bangle with 4 beads, I simply cut a length of wire, wrapped it around the bangle, added the bead, and repeated the steps I used when attaching the first bead.


This is a pic of the three bangles together.  Yes, I plan to wear all three at once because you can never have too much bling!

Go VOLS!!!




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