Crafting with Cats

In my last post, I mentioned that my cat, Elsa, was trying to help me make some beaded bangles, thus causing some of my pictures to be a little blurry.  For those of you who have cats, you know crafting with them can be a bit challenging.  I used to get a little frustrated when I tried to make something and Elsa helped, but now I love it.  What changed?  Elsa’s health.

Elsa was a rescue kitten.  In 2015, we had a huge snowstorm that wound up lasting a couple of weeks.  One particularly cold day Hannah and Katie decided to walk the short distance to our mailbox.  They had been cooped up in the house for days and even though the temps were below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, they needed to get a little fresh air.  When they returned, they had the mail–and a tiny white kitten.  The kitten had been sitting in the road, and had a nasty cold.  They named her Elsa (from the movie Frozen) before they even made it home.

We cleaned Elsa up and fed her, but there was no way we could put her back outside.  The temps that day were around 16 below zero.  And, as I mentioned, she was sick.

A few days passed and we were able to get out and take her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and feline leukemia.  We had never heard of feline leukemia, but the vet was optimistic that she could still lead a normal–if slightly shorter than average–life.  It was also recommended that we make her an indoor cat since her immune system would be low.  We  had never planned to have an indoor cat–we already had an indoor dog–but it’s amazing how quickly you fall in love.

Elsa quickly demonstrated how crafty she is, and picked up hobbies like jewelry making and knitting.  This is a picture of her trying out arm knitting.


Sometimes, she would take a break and let me get back to work.  Teaching a human new tricks is tiring, after all.


As I said, though, her health took a turn for the worse a couple of months ago, and the leukemia caused her to become anemic.  She hadn’t been feeling up to crafting and I realized then how much I actually enjoyed her help.  After three blood transfusions and several different medications, she felt well enough to help me make the beaded bangles on Saturday.


I was thrilled to say the least!  Yes, it took longer, but seeing her back in action made me incredibly happy.

So, now, we are taking things with Elsa day by day.  We’re praying the latest blood transfusion and round of meds make a lasting difference.  I’ve learned there’s nothing quite like having a crafty cat!



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