Terra Cotta Pumpkin

I’ve seen several terra cotta pumpkins on Pinterest lately.  Some are plain pumpkins, other have the jack-o-lantern face painted on them.  I decided to combine a few different pictures I’ve seen to make this little guy.


I started with a few basic supplies–a terra cotta pot and base, a wooden drawer pull, paint (Harvest Orange, black, and a shade of dark brown), and hot glue.



I painted the pot and lid orange, using several coats to get the coverage I wanted.  I also painted the drawer pull brown.  Once the paint was dry (and, as usual, I used my hairdryer to expedite the process), I painted on the eyes, nose and mouth.  To “rough up” the pot a bit, I dipped my brush in a tiny bit of brown paint and brushed it off on a piece of scrap paper until it was nearly dry.  Then, i brushed across the pot here and there to make it look a little older.  I used the same method to add a little black paint to the drawer pull.

Once the entire project was dry, I used hot glue to affix the drawer pull to the base/lid, and wrapped a bit of jute around the knob for a little bit of extra decoration.  That’s it!  I filled it with some candy and now the challenge is finding a place to put it in my already over-decorated house!

I did learn a few things, though:

  • I painted the first couple of layers of orange with a paint brush before realizing I would have a smoother finish if I used a sponge brush.
  • I drew the mouth on with a black sharpie.  I wish I had used it for the eyes and nose, too, since it’s hard to get a crisp line with a paint brush.  There are always one or two pesky little bristles that mess things up.
  • I bought the base/lid a tad bigger than the pot would normally use so that it would fit down over the lip of the jar.  Next time I’ll see if using the same size as the pot will work better because this lid does sit a little farther down than I expected.
  • The poor worker at Lowe’s had no idea what a drawer pull was.  Luckily, he recognized the term “drawer knob”.  I made the mistake of speaking Pinterest instead of Appalachian American!

From start to finish the project took less than an hour.  Quick, fun, and, of course, you can never have too many places to put candy, paper clips, buttons, etc.



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