Coffee Mug Sweater


It finally seems to be fall here–at least for now.  The temps have been quite cool in the evenings and mornings, and very nice during the day.  Time for long sleeves, scarves, and boots!

I figure if we can wear sweaters, our coffee mugs should be able to, also, right?

I’ve seen several tutorials on how to make these (most call them coffee cozies–I prefer coffee sweaters), and ultimately decided on this quick and easy method.

Using a size K hook (6.5 mm) and worsted weight yarn, I chained 22 stitches and joined those with a slip stitch.  I then skipped the first stitched and did a half double crochet in the remaining stitches.  At the end of the row (and every row thereafter), I joined the first and last stitches together with a slip stitch.  Then, I chained 1, turned my work, skipped the first stitch, and repeated the half double crochet stitches as in the second row.  I lost count of my rows, but you’ll need to do at least 6.


This was a fun project and could easily have been completed in an evening had I not kept falling asleep!

The best part?  Katie (my 15-year-old) loved it and said she wanted one.  Anytime I impress my kids it’s a good day!


2 thoughts on “Coffee Mug Sweater

  1. “Anytime I impress my kids it’s a good day!” – YES!! lol I have a sixteen year old and I know what you mean! I love the little sweater you made – super cute. ^_^


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