Buzz & Woody

While this isn’t a blog about cats, I hope you’ll humor me while I write one more post in the Elsa saga.  For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know we lost our beloved cat, Elsa, to leukemia a few weeks ago.  It was devastating, but something good came out of it.  Meet Buzz and Woody.


The first time I took Elsa to the vet during her illness, I met these adorable kittens who were up for adoption.  One of the workers at the vet’s office had found them outside the office, under the porch, and rescued them.  I texted Travis immediately and told him if Elsa weren’t sick, I’d kidnap them.

During Elsa’s illness, we were making at least one, but more often two or three trips to the vet each week.  The trips were typically emotionally draining, as we knew deep down we were fighting a losing battle.  Buzz and Woody, however, were a little bit of sunshine during those times.  To our surprise–and luck–they were still available for adoption when Elsa passed.  After a few days, we came to the realization that those kittens were meant for us.  They needed a furever home, and we needed them, too.  So, I made the call to the vet’s office to ask about adopting them.  The vet and her staff were thrilled and we all felt as if it were meant to be.

After a couple of weeks, Buzz and Woody have taken over.  Woody is still a little skittish, but Buzz has decided we’re pretty nice people.  They get along well with Ralph, our dog, too.  Ralph didn’t even mind when the boys took over his bed.


I never lived with little boys–both of our kids are girls–but I imagine this is very similar to having two toddler boys running around!

We still miss Elsa dearly and will never be able to replace her, but these boys have brought a lot of laughter to the house.  And, who knows, maybe they’ll turn out to be crafty, too!



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