Wooden Key/Leash Holder

I saw this project on Pinterest (of course), and knew immediately it would be perfect for one of my friends, since she is an animal lover, too.


It only required a few basic supplies–a wooden sign, a paw print stamp, and some hooks.


I free-handed the his and hers onto the wood, stamped the paw print, and added the hooks after drilling pilot holes first (okay, actually Travis drilled the holes, so I have to give him a little credit).  That’s it!  Now my friend and her husband have a place for their keys and their dog’s leash.

After it was too late, I noticed the hooks weren’t quite spaced evenly.  Drove.  Me.  Crazy.  But…there was really nothing I could do about it at that point.  Travis said it just added to the homemade charm (I’ve trained him so well), but my friend is as OCD as I am so hopefully she can take a deep breath and not let it bother her too much!



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