Surprise Trip


This past weekend, my hubby surprised me with a trip to Shepherdstown, WV.  I haven’t been so excited for a trip in a good while, and this also happened to fall the weekend of my birthday (Friday).  I love this town.  Love it.  Want to move there.  I have a thing for small, historic towns and this one is perfect.

We had visited 18 years ago, and it was a place we had always said we wanted to visit again, but what really renewed our interest was the show Ghosts of Shepherdstown that was on this summer.  I’m not a paranormal fanatic, but I love a good ghost story, and we usually take a ghost walk in every historic place we visit.  We fell in love with the show and were excited to see that one of the folks from the show–the town historian–offered a “mysteries walk”.  I tried not to get all fan girl, but I did manage to snag a pic with her after the walk.


This is one of my favorite pics from the trip.  I can’t remember the name of the building, but it’s in the center of town next to the town run (as a side note, I had  never heard the term “town run” before.  I’m familiar with creeks and rivers that are basically glorified creeks, but had never heard of a run).


We spent most of the day Friday at the Antietam Battlefield, which is in nearby Sharpsburg, MD.  Travis is a huge Civil War buff, and while I certainly don’t know as much about the war as he does, I have enough of an appreciation of history to enjoy that type of thing as well.  Plus, it’s always fun to see the person you love enjoying something so much.


This is from “Bloody Lane” at the Battlefield.


Two things that I found particularly appealing about Shepherdstown were the popcorn store and the yarn shop.  Anyone who knows me knows I consider popcorn a basic food group.  I can go sit through pretty much any movie out there as long as I have a big bucket of popcorn.  I had never been in a yarn store before, so I was in heaven.  I came out with some Alpaca yarn that is ultra soft.  I can’t wait to use it!


I have to say that was the best birthday ever!  When I returned to work today I told my boss I was ready to move there and he promptly told me I’m not allowed to take any more trips.  Lol!  Whatever!!


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