Crochet Book Review

The other night I was sitting in the living room floor, cutting fabric, playing with the cats, and semi-watching the Blue Jays baseball game.  All was good.  The next day, I had some pretty bad pain in my shoulder that has managed to stick around.  Yes, folks, turning 42 hurt.

Since I’ve been trying not to aggravate my arm any more, I don’t have a new craft to show.  Perfect time for a book review!  I love to read, so I have tons of books I could review, but in the crafty spirit, I thought I’d talk about a book that has helped me tremendously with crochet.

I may have mentioned before that my grandmother taught me how to crochet a chain when I was a little girl, but for some reason that’s as far as the lessons got.  After I became an adult and developed a renewed interest in crochet it was too late to resume the lessons.  While my grandmother is alive, physically and mentally it isn’t possible for her to do much anymore.  Luckily there are several books and videos (what did we do before YouTube???) that have excellent examples.

I picked this book up at our somewhat local (as in an hour away) bookstore when I was trying to teach myself how to crochet.


It’s been an excellent resource.  I would love to show you the inside, but I’m not sure how copyright laws work and I would make a really bad prisoner, so I’ll just show the cover to be on the safe side.  The book has lots of pictures showing how to do various stitches step-by-step, as well as written descriptions.  I’m a visual learner, so this book has been perfect for me.  There are also several projects in the book, one after every few stitches learned.

If you’re learning how to crochet or just want a quick reference guide, this is definitely the book for you.  It’s been a  huge help to me.  Plus, I only paid around $15 for it.

Hopefully this shoulder pain will reside soon and I’ll be back to crafting.  My husband tells me I need to see a chiropractor, but I have a fear of doctors (I’m the biggest baby about going to the doctor, even for the simplest of things), and I’m convinced a chiropractor would “break” me.  I know that’s really not going to happen, but I can’t shake the image of me stiffening up and my spine snapping when the doctor worked on me.

Besides, sitting in the recliner with a blanket, a dog or cat, a book, and a heating pad really isn’t a bad way to spend the evening!


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