I love accessories.  Jewelry, socks, scarves, purses…you name it.  I love it.  I’m the girl who could wear solid colors every day of her life, since accessorizing is so much fun.  More often than not I choose my accessories first, and work my outfit around them.  I believe part of the reason I believe I love accessories is you don’t outgrow them.  Dryers have a tendency to shrink clothes (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!), but accessories can last for years.

I’ve been making jewelry for years, and have recently branched out to crochet and knitting.  This has opened a new world–handmade scarves, fingerless gloves, boot cuffs…  These are some of my recent projects.


I crocheted these boot cuffs while travelling to Shepherdstown, WV (you can read about the trip here).  They were easy, worked up quickly, and it was easy to make them into the right size (although, that being said, I didn’t take into account how much they would stretch and probably should have made them slightly smaller).

I’ve also been looking for a good (i.e., quick and easy) fingerless glove pattern.  This is the first pair I knit.


I then decided to crochet a pair, and so far I have one glove finished.


I like the way both look, but so far I think I like the process of crocheting a little better.  It just seems a little easier to me.


Good thing the weather has finally cooled off a little.  I’d hate for my new accessories to go to waste!



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