Santa Paintbrushes


Time for my first Christmas craft of the season!  I haven’t pulled out my Christmas decorations yet (that’s reserved for the Saturday after Thanksgiving), but it’s definitely time to crank out a few crafts before the decorating begins.  I made these Santas out of paintbrushes, and it was one of the cheapest (and easiest) crafts I’ve made.


  • Wooden paintbrushes (I used two different sizes)
  • Red and white paint
  • White felt
  • Hot glue
  • Red pom pom noses
  • Small buttons
  • Small bells (or other embellishment)
  • Jute (or ribbon) for hanging

I started by painting the handles of the paintbrushes red.


I then cut the white felt into strips and hot glued it to the metal part of the paintbrush.


Next, I used the hot glue to add button eyes, pom pom noses, and bells for embellishment. Finally, I painted small white snowflakes on the handles and added jute for hangers.


That’s it!  I think I wound up spending around $7 on this craft–tops.

My cat, Woody, couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t let him play with the brushes.  I think he liked the pom pom noses!  I haven’t yet decided where to hang these, but I know it will have to be out of the reach of Woody and his brother Buzz.  And, speaking of cats…if any of you have ideas about how to keep kittens out of a Christmas tree I’m open to suggestions!  This is our first Christmas with Buzz and Woody and they’re very curious and energetic little kitties!



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