Christmas Tree Painting


I spent the entire day Saturday decorating for Christmas.  However, before I could do that, I had to whip up a few new decorations for the holidays.  I knew I wanted something other than my usual wreath to hang above my mantle.  While I was gathering ideas, I came across several Christmas tree paintings that looked fairly simple.  (Bear in mind, I cannot draw.  At all.)   I found trees similar to the ones above that looked easy enough, so I gave it a try.

I was actually quite pleased with how they turned out.  There’s really nothing to the trees, but since I have a severe lack of artistic ability, having them turn out well was a huge deal to me.  I hung it above my mantle, along with a couple other new things that I will be posting about this week.


Now all we lack is decorating the tree.  We get a real Christmas tree every year, so we got the tree Saturday and brought it in the house, but have yet to decorate it.  Well, except for one small decoration…


Can you see it?


Yes, Mr. Buzz decided to see how the tree looks from the inside.  This may be the most interesting Christmas ever!



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