Wooden Snowmen Spoons


This is another cheap, quick and easy craft for winter that’s also pretty darn cute.  I started with some plain wooden spoons (I paid less than $1 for the set of 4) that I painted white.


Since they were already a light colored wood, it only took a couple quick coats to cover the spoons.  next, I simply used black paint to add a mouth and “buttons”.  A little orange paint made the nose, and I used blue and green paint for the eyes.  I dabbed just a bit of pink to add a little color to the “cheeks”, and tied a piece of scrap ribbon around one of the spoons to serve as a scarf.

Since there were four spoons and there are four of us, I figured we could each have a spoon that represented us.  The sole squared off one had to be Travis, since he’s the only male.  Two of the female spoons have green eyes (Katie and me), and the other has blue (Hannah).  A little dorky maybe, but hey, that’s how my mind works!


Now I just need to find an empty spot to display my little family of snowmen spoons!


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