Christmas Trees


Christmas is coming very quickly (at least it seems that way to me–my kids may say it’s taking its own sweet time), so I thought I’d showcase one of my favorite parts of the season–Christmas trees.   The one above is the tree we have in our living room.  I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but it stands right in front of the door.  That may seem a bit odd, but we never use the front door and it’s mostly glass, so it seemed to be the best place for it.  After our first Christmas in the house we found out that the previous owners (who lived in the house until they passed away) always put the tree in front of the door, too!   I’m glad we’re not the only ones who think the way we do!


These are two little trees I whipped up for our mantle.  They were very easy to make.  I bought two Styrofoam tree forms and wrapped them in jute, hot gluing the jute periodically.   I then hot glued red pearl garland to the trees, and also glued individual red “pearls” for additional decoration.


This is the little tree I have in my office.  I spend so much time there I figure it should be festive, as well.


Finally, this is a necklace I made from the Festive Forest workshop I took last week.  I made the necklace pretty long, and love it.  Yesterday I went to Subway during lunch and one of the workers wanted to buy one, so of course I agreed.  A sandwich and a sale–what better lunch could you ask for?


Tomorrow is our annual marathon Christmas shopping day.  Travis has the Excel spreadsheet ready and I’ve got a few ideas for folks in my head.  Hopefully (with plenty of help from caffeine) we’ll get the majority of gifts marked off our list.  It’s a tiring day, but obviously since this has been our tradition for 20 years we really enjoy it!

Hope you’re making lots of progress with your holiday shopping!


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