‘Tis the Season to be…Stressed?


Every year I tell myself I’m going to really have my act together when it comes to Christmas.  I’m going to do all my shopping, make some gifts and several crafts, and have lots of free times in the evenings to kick back, watch Christmas movies, and relax.  And, then every  year I laugh and laugh at how stupid I was for thinking that!  Yes, I’m a bit stressed.  I know Christmas isn’t about the gifts or the decorations, but I’m a mom and a wife and I want my kids to grow up with wonderful memories of Christmas.  Add to that the fact that I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator, and you get the picture.

Travis and I did head out Friday to do our annual marathon Christmas shopping day.  It’s the day of the year that we go out and try to get all (or at least most) of our shopping done in a matter of hours.  We started doing this as newlyweds in our 20s and enjoyed it so much that we never stopped.  Of course, now we’re in our 40s and our stamina isn’t what it used to be, so we spend more time recovering from the shopping than we do shopping.  Friday was the perfect day for it–cold and a bit snowy.  It’s hard to tell from my picture, but there were some snow flurries flying around.


We did manage to mark most of the gifts off our list, but I still have several things to do…

A friend at work is having a baby next month and her baby shower is a week from today.  I’m making a baby blanket for the little one, but am only about halfway there.   I’m determined to finish it, though, before he starts kindergarten (unless, of course, my arm falls off from all the frantic crocheting, which is highly possible).


I also have this cute flannel fabric I picked up on our shopping day that I plan to turn into mug rugs.  This week.


And, then there are these wooden stars that I plan to paint with chalkboard paint to use as gift tags.


Yeah, so, that’s a lot to get done.  Did I mention I have a full-time job, too?!  Oh well.  Next year will be relaxing, right???  By the way, if anyone has tips on how to keep my fingers/arm from going numb while I crochet, I’m open to suggestions!


3 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to be…Stressed?

  1. When I first started crocheting, (oh, fourteen years ago now) I remember asking some older ladies what product I could buy to help my poor finger(s) from the discomfort of crocheting and they just laughed sympathetically and said there was no such thing. LOL It’s no joke! I love the blanket you’re making, by the way, very cute!
    And I am stressed, too. Not so much by Christmas but just every day life of caring for my home while teaching and being a good mommy to my kids. I don’t know how to manage it all and it’s stressing me out! I was just about to write a post about this. :/

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    1. Hmmm…I guess over time the discomfort goes away. I understand the mommy stress! I don’t think anything can prepare you for it. You just have to try to do the best you can and as long as the kids are happy, that’s all that matters! I made (and still make) a million mistakes, but I look at my girls now and think maybe I did a pretty good job after all. 🙂


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