Sewing Machine Woes


She looks innocent enough–my very basic Singer sewing machine.  I bought it a few years ago and it was exactly what I wanted.  Just the basics.  No frills, no bells and whistles.  Things were fine for a while, then we began our love/hate relationship . I believe the machine could sense that I’m a bit mechanically challenged and decided to have a little fun.  We argued so much that when I took a quilting class a few years ago I completed a lap sized split rail fence quilt completely by hand.  There isn’t a single machine stitch in it.  Yeah…she’s that intimidating.

I thought we had our problems solved.  Someone showed me that I was using the wrong size bobbin and once that was fixed, she ran great.  I was so confident we were friends that I decided to pull her out last night to make a mug rug.  Well, apparently she took offense to being in a closet for several months, and she was going to make me pay.

My mug rug started out great.  But, as soon as I started thinking that this was going to be a really quick project, she decided to prove me wrong and started misbehaving.  Finally, after several (and by several, I mean many) minutes of frustration, I realized that perhaps I threaded the needle wrong–and I was right.  Back to smooth sailing we went.  For a while.  Then, she froze up on me and, wouldn’t you know it, I broke a needle.  Luckily I had a spare, but by this time I was hanging onto my patience by a thread, and was on the verge of saying things good Baptist girls don’t say.

With the new needle in place and threaded correctly, we were once again good to go.  Other than a few hiccups here and there we seemed to be patching up our differences.  I was cautiously happy.  I was down to the last 2 inches of material to sew and…my bobbin ran out.  It was as if she was telling me not to get too confident–she was still in control.

Eventually, I finished the mug rug (and will post the instructions in a day or two), but I’m positive the project took three times as long because of that dreaded machine.

Of course, some would say the entire issue is user error.  Possibly, but I tell myself the sewing machine just likes to prove she’s smarter than me!


4 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Woes

  1. Oh, machinery can be a nightmare. Sometimes, honestly, it isn’t you! Maybe you just have a duff one? That is what happened with a machine we had years ago. Three of us tried it and all failed miserably. It kept clunking to a halt. It went off for repair and service and was fine for years after that. Or maybe you are just incompatible?!! it happens!

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