Wood Slice Owls


My blog has been a bit crochet-heavy lately, so I thought I’d throw in something a little different today.  As you probably already know, I love owls.  My granny was a big owl fan, too, before owls were cool, and had lots of owl decorations.  Hers were not cute, sweet little owls, though.  A lot of them were pretty scary.  One had red beady eyes–something you didn’t want to encounter in the middle of the night when you were staying there.  Another had pretty realistic fur and, quite honestly, freaked me out a little.

Around the time she passed away, owls were becoming popular.  I remember telling her that one day after she had gotten sick, and she said “honey, you can have any of these owls you want”.  Um…okay…  I also remember the family having half-serious conversations about who would “get” all the owls when she passed away.  I can’t say that any of us were excited about giving them new homes.

With all that being said, it’s a little surprising that I wound up liking owls so much.  In fact, the first jewelry piece I had published was a necklace with an owl pendant.  And, today, I’m sharing these little wood slice owls that I made this weekend.  They only require a few supplies and are very quick and easy to make.

I started with two wood slices for the body, along with smaller wood slices for part of the eyes; bottle cap pendant blanks, buttons, and 6mm black beads for the rest of the eyes; small orange dagger beads for the noses; and a little brown paint.


I first painted the smaller wood slices brown.


While the paint dried, I assembled the rest of the eyes by hot gluing a button into the bottle cap blanks, and then hot gluing the black beads onto the buttons.


After the paint was dry, I glued the bottle caps to the brown wood slices, then glued the entire piece to the wood slice.  I used a little hot glue to affix the noses and painted on wings with the brown paint.

That’s it. Within minutes I had two new little owls for my mantle.


And granny’s owls?  They wound up staying put in her house, where my parents now live.


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