Shrinky Dinks


I remember using Shrinky Dinks (shrink plastic) when I was a kid, but hadn’t given it much thought until I started seeing jewelry made with shrink plastic charms.  On a fairly recent trip to a craft store, I came across packs of Shrinky Dinks and decided to give it a try.

What fun!  I remember coloring the shrink plastic when I was a kid and watching it shrink in the oven, but for the life of me I can’t remember what I colored it with.  I’ll have to ask my mom if she remembers.  Anyway, this time I decided to use stamps instead of markers or colored pencils.


As you can see, I had a paw print, a snowman, a couple of hearts, and a few stars.  After cutting them out, I punched a hole in the top.  I put them in the oven, according to package directions, and watched the magic happen.  This is the result:


Pretty cute,  huh?  I think the snowman is my favorite.

So, what did I learn?  First, next time I’ll punch a larger hole.  I think I can use a bead reamer to stretch these holes enough to accommodate a jump ring, but I’d have been better off making a larger hole to begin with.  Second, I asked my husband to take an outdoor pic of the charms today since the lighting would have been much better than the light in my house, but…some of the ink smeared.  I never thought they wouldn’t be dry by now.  I’m assuming it’s the ink I used.  Next time I may just use colored pencils or markers.

But, at the end of the day it was really a lot of fun and it took me back to being a kid for a few minutes.  I still have plenty of shrink plastic left, so it will definitely get used again!


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