Meet Draco


Monday evening, Hannah and Katie went for a run.  They wound up at my mother-in-law’s house, where they saw an adorable black kitten that had been coming around lately.  Travis was there, too, visiting his mother, and with a little begging from the girls, he agreed to let them bring the little kitty home.  I knew nothing about this, so you can imagine my surprise when they came in with the little black kitten they had dubbed Draco (from the Harry Potter books).

I really hadn’t expected to get another fur baby, since we already have a dog (Ralph) and 2.5 indoor cats (the .5 is Raisin, who comes in and goes out as she pleases).  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll recall we adopted Buzz and Woody back in the fall after our cat, Elsa, passed away.  But…I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to animals, and Draco is absolutely adorable.  He’s a little skinny, but judging from the way he eats, he’ll fill out in no time.  He’s very sweet and likes to cuddle.

As for the other animals, they’re adjusting to having a new little brother.  I’m pretty sure if Ralph could roll his eyes, he would.  Buzz and Woody kept their distance at first, but are warming up to him little by little.  Raisin tends to be grumpy on a good day, so she usually keeps to herself.

Tomorrow is Draco’s first vet visit.  I’m a little nervous that he’ll have the feline leukemia disease that took Elsa from us, but praying he’s as healthy as he seems.

Most parents have to worry about their teenage daughters going out and meeting boys.  I have to worry about mine going out and meeting new cats!


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