Looks Iffy, Tastes Great


The other day Travis read a post on Facebook about a meal this particular couple ate a lot when they were first married and broke.  They called it “hot dog surprise”.  I hesitantly asked him what that was, and he explained that it was a hot dog with mashed potatoes and cheese on top, baked in the oven until the cheese melted.

Hmmm…we didn’t think it sounded too bad, so I decided to give it a try.  I’m glad I did!

I first broiled my hot dogs it the oven until they were nice and brown.  I then put them on a bun, topped them with my homemade mashed potatoes (I don’t like instant potatoes so I always put a little extra effort in and make them from scratch), and shredded cheddar cheese.  It was back into the oven, under the broiler, until the cheese melted.

Hannah’s reaction was priceless.  She took a bite and said “What the heck?!?  Why is this delicious?!”.   She was right–it really was good!

As for my mashed potatoes, I don’t really have a recipe, but this is how I make them.  I peel a few potatoes, cut them into small cubes, and boil them.  I then drain the water, mash the potatoes a bit with a potato masher, then add a little milk, butter, salt and pepper.  I then use a hand mixer to combine all the ingredients, leaving a few small chunks.  Afterwards, I taste them and adjust the seasonings as needed.  Sometimes I’ll throw in a little garlic powder, too.

I wish now I had taken a picture–they looked much better than “Hot Dog Surprise” sounds!


2 thoughts on “Looks Iffy, Tastes Great

  1. I would have never thought to put mashed potatoes on top of hotdog (I make mine from “scratch” too 😊)
    I may give this a try since it has Hannah’s seal of approval!!!! 😊😊

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