I See the Moon…


I see the moon, the moon sees me

God bless the moon, God bless me

I’m  not really sure where that saying came from.  I remember my mom saying it when I was growing up, and when my girls were little (and even not so little!), I said it to them whenever we saw the moon.  I think it’s one of those little things from childhood they’ll always remember.

The other night Hannah and I watched a video where mothers and daughters picked tattoos for each other.  Neither knew what the other had picked until the reveal.  I asked Hannah what she would pick for me and she said “A m0–“.   As she started to say “moon”, I jumped in and told her that’s what I would pick for her, too!  Pretty neat.  I don’t particularly want a tattoo, but I did have the idea to put this saying into a piece of matching jewelry for the three of us.

I decided to use Shrinky Dinks to make the moon, adding “I see the moon” to the charm.


I then simply added a tiny heart charm and a blue crystal to pre-made bangles.  Doesn’t get much easier!


I’m not considering a tattoo at this point in my life (it’s a big commitment, after all), but if I ever change my mind, this would be a great idea for the three of us.


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