My Dream Living Room

A week or so ago I was approached by the Arhaus team, asking me to do a blog post on what my dream living room would look like.  I immediately got excited about the project, and checked out their website,, which has beautiful furniture and home decor.  Luckily the website has the option to create a wish list, and mine has become quite long!

If I had to describe my dream living room in one word, it would be cozy.  While that means different things to different people, for me it’s warm, comfortable, and a place to shake off the stress of the day.  I like furniture that I can curl up in and read or watch a movie with my family–nothing formal for me!  As I like to decorate my home for the seasons and holidays, I like a neutral palette that I can accent with different colors, textures, and decor to match the time of year.

Let’s start with the paint color.  For me, shades of brown are warm and cozy, and I prefer them to other neutrals.  

Arhaus paint in Stone

The color I chose is Stone, by Arhaus.  It’s described as a “rich mix of warm brown and cool grey”.  

I explored the Arhaus living room page for furniture ideas to coordinate with the paint.  For the first seating area (in front of the must-have fireplace), I chose the Baldwin 89″ Upholstered Sofa in Trinidad Flax.

dream living room sofa 1

I then chose coordinating chairs and ottomans, also by Baldwin in Trinidad Flax.  Since I prefer unique accent tables to the traditional coordinating end tables, I chose the Louisa Tea Table in brown.  I also added the Gathering Basket to hold my magazines, current crochet project, book, or whatever else I may need to keep close by while I’m relaxing.

dream living room collage 1

On the other side of my dream living room, I decided to go with a set of print chairs with matching ottomans from Plazza.  I can see myself sitting in these chairs with a friend, sharing the latest small town gossip over a cup of coffee.  The table is the Merle Caned End Table in white, which adds the bit of rustic flare I love.

dream living room collage 2

One thing I have always wanted to have in my living room is a chaise.  This would be perfect in its own little nook in my living room.

dream living room chaise

Now, before anyone starts thinking I’m a complete bore with all the neutral beige colors, let me explain what I would do with all this beige.  Since we are headed into the summer months, I thought these throws and pillows would look great.  I would change them each season, opting for oranges, burgundies, and deep yellows for fall; deep, rich tones for winter; and lighter colors and textures for spring.

dream living room collage 3

dream living room collage 4

Nothing adds warmth to hardwood floors like a good area rug.  I’ve chosen two, one for each of the sitting areas.  The first is the Rosine Chocolate Natural Fiber Rug, and the second is the Garrison Natural Fiber Rug in  Chocolate.

dream living room collage 5

Finally, my dream living room would be filled with family photos and artwork, as well as other meaningful decorative items (I’m particularly fond of owls).  Whatever your dream living room contains, as long as it’s filled with love, laughter, and great memories you can’t go wrong!

I would like to thank Arhaus for reaching out to me.  This has been such a fun blog post to work on!


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