Ornaments Aren’t Just For Trees


A few years ago I bought this snowflake Christmas ornament at a local craft show, and knew immediately it would make a great pendant.  As I have a (bad) habit of doing, I tucked it away with all my other beading supplies and kind of forgot about it.  The other day I was looking for beads for another project, and came across the snowflake again.  Time to get to work!

First, I used 20 gauge wire to make a bail for the pendant.


I left the wire a little long so I could string a bright blue crystal, a crystal beaded bead, and another bright blue crystal before finishing the bail.


Finally, I simply hung the pendant from a simple ball chain that I cut to approximately 32 inches, so that I could wear it as a long necklace.


This necklace would have been great to have last weekend when we finally got a little snow.  The temps have climbed back up into the 50’s, but I’m wearing the necklace anyway in hopes that it will conjure up some more snowflakes outside!  Don’t think it’s going to work, but a girl can dream, right?


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